LOVE COMMA is a fashion label/lifestyle brand designed to add ease and élan to contemporary motherhood. Since 2013, we've been innovating garments with our signature discreet breastfeeding access. With comfortable and flattering functionality, our clothing line empowers women to express and evolve their personal style during all stages of their pregnancy, from maternity, to breastfeeding, and all the way through life as a parent. 



LOVE COMMA: The phrase is more than just a name, it's our signature on a love letter to mothers everywhere. The concept, quality and style of each piece is our testament to how special you are! The comma in our name signifies a continuity – women discover us pre- and during pregnancy, and stay with us through breastfeeding and beyond, into life as a parent. We hope our brand inspires an infinite loop of looking and feeling good.



Fashion industry consultant and mother of 2, Emily Hsu founded the company in 2012 as a response to her personal breastfeeding experiences.

Born into a family specializing in high end performance textile products, Emily spent over a decade working with the world's most innovative brands in garment and textiles technology. While breastfeeding her daughter, Emily was constantly frustrated by the lack of clothing for nursing women that celebrated this new phase of womanhood. Emily decided to use her knowledge in fabrics and garment construction to develop her own line of breastfeeding wear. She created a collection of nursing wear to help breastfeeding moms feel beautiful, desirable, and self-assured.



LOVE COMMA's intention will always be one of compassion: to truly listen and respond to both the emotional and physical needs of each of our moms. Our brand is an aggregate of all the lessons we've learned from #LOVECOMMAMAMAS. We move forward with all the things we do best: amazing fabrics, attention to detail, elegant easy-to-wear silhouettes, and complete discretion while breastfeeding without zippers or hardware close to your baby's delicate cheeks.

We understand that we need to be a constant in quality and functionality for our moms and moms-to-be as they are investing their time and resources into their changing bodies and lifestyles. LOVE COMMA's spirit is a tireless drive for innovation to provide women with quality products at every stage of motherhood.