Love Letters - Testimonials about LOVE COMMA

At LOVE COMMA, the most important thing to us is making designs that real pregnant and breastfeeding moms find useful. We value your feedback, testimonials and suggestions. In fact, we rely on your input when we envision our designs. Thanks for your support!

NEW! Here are some nursing moms who've tagged us while they're wearing LOVE COMMA:


Read a few of the kind words we've received from our moms below:

"The [Jersey Layered Nursing Tank] is the BEST nursing friendly shirt! It doesn’t make me feel/look like I’m wearing “clothes for breastfeeding”. Every nursing mama needs at least one!!"

"This follow-up is in gratitude for what your clothes do for a Mom. It looks like my breastfeeding journey with my first child has come to an end and I'm in a very reflective mindset. The items purchased from your line basically served as a commitment to keep breastfeeding even after a tough start and as I was planning my return to work. They indeed gave me a sense of confidence in my "new" appearance because they were flattering, but they also helped me find confidence in my choices as a parent because the style was uncompromising. I still felt like me (albeit changed by the monumental work of mothering)...  
In gratitude (and with love of course as the new brand name highlights),"

"I love your clothes. I literally LIVED in them during my last post-pregnancy. Looking forward to wearing them again this summer. Kind regards,"

- LOVE LETTER/ J.R., Chatham, New Jersey


"I love your clothes! I have had such a hard time finding nursing friendly clothes that aren't lame. I love that you have DRESSES! I never thought I'd be able to wear dresses while nursing. I've told all of my mom friends about you

Thanks so much!"



"The Tank has become my go-to piece when I am going out. It is the perfect versatile piece for casual or elegant occasions. The function of the piece far surpasses other nursingwear that I have tried - keeping you discreet while making also creating hassle-free access for feeding. The cut is so flattering that I will probably continue to wear this tank even after I stop breastfeeding. Most of the nursing fashion that I have seen did not appeal to my fashion sense. LOVE COMMA’s design is both functional as well fresh and stylish."

- LOVE LETTER/Mrs. J.D. from Aspen, Colorado


"Dearest LOVE COMMA,

How did I make it through 3 cumulative years of nursing before you came along?!

I have tried every nursing bra, tank, & top out there, and have hardly touched any of them since LOVE COMMA came into my life. I now have 2 tops, 2 tee dresses, and 2 bras, so I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t wear LOVE COMMA. I’m a work-at-home mom of a 1yo and a 3yo, so comfort and ease are key, but occasionally I have to meet clients so I love that I can dress my favorite looks up or down in a snap;)

I can not imagine my life without you, and I can’t wait to see my collection grow! Your innovation is exciting and beautiful, your designs are comfortable and functional, your fabrics are luxe yet washable – seriously, any nursing mother’s dream come true, and so cute I know I’ll wear them past my nursing days!

With love,"

- LOVE LETTER/Mrs. D.L. from Berkeley, California


"I’ve placed two orders with you in the past month! [The nursing tops] don’t look like maternity or nursing wear at all and I would have bought them whether or not I was nursing. I also have the seamless lounge nursing bra, which pairs really well with the top for easy nursing.

Customer service has also been excellent. I’ve received any orders placed within days."

- LOVE LETTER/Mrs. M.S. from Santa Cruz, California


"I’m obsessed with my LOVE COMMA nursing sweatshirt and wear it ALL the time. I had a really tough time finding cute and discreet nursing-friendly clothes, especially for the winter months, until a friend mentioned LOVE COMMA from a Daily Candy post. That sweatshirt single-handedly got my 3 month old daughter and me through her 2nd flight without a hitch. There was no need for any cumbersome cape (which I honestly believe just draws more attention) and I felt completely comfortable while sitting next to a man who I didn’t know the whole ride. LOVE COMMA is now on my ‘must have’ list of nursing-wear to gift to my girlfriends in the future too. Love it!!"

- LOVE LETTER/ Mrs. L.D from Chicago, Illinois

"My search for the perfect nursing tops lead me to the New York label LOVE COMMA. LOVE COMMA makes stylish yet practical nursing tops and dresses that don't look like nursing tops and dresses at all. And, the best part for me, the styling suits a wide range of body types, including petite women who are often forgotten when it comes to maternity and nursing clothing."

-LOVE LETTER/ Sally, Little Hiccups, SF  Bay Area, California


"I love my Tee Dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to nurse in. I have been getting lots of compliments on it too! Thank you!"

- LOVE LETTER/Mrs. M.M. from Orange, California


"I love your clothing line! The tank tops are stylish and do not at all look like nursing clothing. Like the maxi dress I purchased directly from your site they are very flattering and easy to wear. Thanks for making such great clothes. I may still wear these items even after I am done nursing!

-LOVE LETTER/Mrs. S.M. from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York




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